About Me

If you're wondering why you're here I cant answer that question because I don't even know why I'm here. But what I can tell you is that you're in for a treat. A treat that will capture and stimulate all 5 senses. A treat that will keep you up at night longing for another taste. A treat that has been cascaded in nostalgia and total randomness that will keep you guessing. This treat is called BrentMore. My passions and interests all stem from one small little living organism called an amoeba. By definition an amoeba is a one-celled organism that possesses no structure, or defining shape.

From that characteristic I apply that to my art, sense of style, choice of music, photography and the way I carry myself. A lot of us come from environments where we are pressured into thinking and behaving one way because that's what is accepted to be the norm. That type of mentally prevents us from evolving  by imprisoning ourselves mentally. The very people holding the keys to our mental shackles are sometimes are our own family members , friends, or random individuals. 

That why I created BrentMore about 3 years ago. I wanted to have an environment that could show how much more was out there. I wanted myself and other people  imagine bigger and think more freely without self doubt or questioning my ability due to lack of knowledge or financial situation. In this age there is no excuses as to why can't achieve what we want. A lot of us get lost in the pursuit of happiness  but, I hope BrentMore can help lead point them in  the right direction.

With Love Wabi Sabi



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