House Mix

House music spawned from a club in Chicago called the warehouse during the late 1980s. This new sound sent ripples threw the airwaves. House music was directly fed from classic disco tracks consisted of funky, hypnotic, drug-induced rhythms that produced a feeling of euphoria. Loleatta Holloway an American singer, mainly known for disco songs such as “Hit and Run” and love Sensation” was a constant reference track used by Dj’s such as Larry Heard who’s widely known for the mesmerizing track ” Can you feel it”.  House music pioneered and driven by black Dj’s in Chicago and Detroit that were looking to create a new sound by mixing and matching record samples. Samples of classic disco records were the grassroots that cohesively blended together that hit the soul to the core.

House Music has continued to evolve and inspire other genres of music even with its sometimes lack of lyrical content. Music is on a spectrum and doesn’t have to stick to a script, new sounds and styles are constantly being invented and consumed by the masses it kinda reminds me of an amoeba. I’ve put together a small sample size of ten house tracks that I enjoy feel free to take a listen.