The enigma that was MF DOOM

” Beef rap could lead to getting teeth capped

Or even a wreath for ma dukes on some grief crap
I suggest you change your diet
It can lead to high blood pressure if you fry it
Or even a stroke, heart attack, heart disease
It ain’t no starting back once arteries start to squeeze
Take the easy way out phony, until then
They know they wouldn’t be talking that baloney in the bullpen” -MF DOOM Track: “Beef Rap”, project MM Food”.

This is just one of many verses that MF DOOM was able to stuff as many punchlines into until you could envision what he was saying. The way he could drunkenly stitch together words to create verbal anomalies was something that set him apart from his typical artist at the time. MF DOOM was never an artist to boast and bolster fame or brag about frivolous luxuries in his lyrics. His lyrics often went against what many artists during his time were trying to obtain. That is why his music has gone on to influence “weirdo” rappers like Mos Def, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt up until the point he’s been labeled your favorite rapper; favorite rapper. It’s not like MF DOOM garnered any critical acclaim or music awards throughout his career but his impact surpasses all of that.  MF DOOM wouldn’t stand out in a crowd if he wasn’t wearing a mask because of his nonchalant presentation. Most often you would typically see him wearing a hoodie, collard shirt, sweater, or a size 4X tee and his signature mask, he never tried to make a statement other than with his music.

DOOM was a brilliant composer in the way he would sample his instrumentals often using audio rips from the Marvel comic Doctor Doom which would tie into his varying rap personas “Viktor Vaughn”, “DOOM”, and “King Geedorah” which individually have their descriptive personalities and backstories. It was like he was playing the role of a Stan Lee in carefully crafting characters that we could gravitate to because we could understand the reference point. His stories were something that we as fans grew to love up until the point; where he would send imposters of himself to go perform at his shows which were something an actual “Doctor Doom” would do as an evil villain. The man was a diabolical genius on more levels than 1, just the concept of him wearing the mask spoke volumes about how he thought. The mask was a rebellion against the focus on what the artist might look like and try to sell the product of music as a human being instead of selling the music for what it is.

MF DOOM started out in music under his real name Daniel Dumile in a band called KMD which consisted of his younger brother DJ Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone Kid. After the tragic passing of his younger brother the group was dropped from its record label due to its “controversial” album cover art.

Following this Dumile would vanish from the music scene on the brink of homelessness often sleeping on park benches and would soon return with a vengeance on the industry that had taken so much from him under the new moniker “DOOM”.  He would go to produce a number of singles with New York legend Bobbito Garcia before dropping his first full-length project Operation: Doomsday

MF DOOM had gone on to produce more varying instrumentals and full-length projects under his different personas which include “Take me to your leader”,  “MM Food”,  “Madvilliany”, “Born Like This”, and “Venomous Villain” amongst others. Some of his most noted projects include the production of the infamous Malib which many of their projects have gone on to solidify themselves as rap masterpieces. MF DOOM has also done a number of different collaborative efforts which includes the likes of Nike, Clarks,  Gorillaz, and The Boondocks. He was not a limited thinker in the slightest which can be seen all throughout his career. The early departure of MF DOOM is something that caught a lot of people of the guard but all of the love people have shown is to highlight that MF DOOM’s impact will be continued to be felt for generations to come but always remember to use all caps when you spell the man’s name. 

Rest In Paradise,